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Harry trying to avoid Usain because he cheated last time they met.


Happy Birthday George Alexander Louis


Yet to see a prettier baby than thisūüėć

Anyone else notice how much Cheryl Cole and Eva Longoria have in common?

Same fashion sense…

Both married famous athletes who cheated on them…silly boys

Both have/had back of the neck tattoos honoring their husbands

Both are faces of L’oreal

They are twins!


Gisele B√ľndchen & Patricia B√ľndchen (b.July 20, 1980)


Letizia fixing an argument between 2 cousins. I think this is an inside on how she is with Leo and Sof.

What is your biggest fantasy? [x]

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Mexico‚Äôs fans sing ‚ÄúCielito Lindo‚ÄĚ in the final minutes of the match ¬†| 23-06-14

"Canta y no llores, porque cantando se alegran, cielito lindo, los corazones.

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Mexico NT fan in the stands during the match against Croatia | 23-06-14

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